I love Las Vegas.

But, this isn’t a travel post … I’m going in a different direction.

The Vegas User model is a mental model I use to think about product development for a certain set of products. It’s also useful for thinking about customers of business models with the same properties.

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ML4T asked me to give a talk about Product Management to a group interested in tech.

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Android is eating the world!

It should be a well known fact to everyone that most smartphones in the world run Android. Estimates vary by who you ask, but IDC has Android at 78% of worldwide.

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The US is much more contested. In February, comtech had 47.7% Apple and 47.6% Android, the first time Apple has been ahead since 2012. Now, Comscore has Android ahead at 52.6% to 41.8%. Regardless … Android represents a lot of users in the US. Read More

Google Chat …

A lot of people use GChat. Gmail is the largest free email service (reference). Since Gmail gives you a free instant message account … you now have a very large

GChat has been an integral part of my life for the last 5+ years. I have used it through 3 jobs, a master’s degree, and living in 4 different states. I use it at work and home and talk to people both young and old (not that young and not that old). I use it on my phone and I use it on my computer.

Yet, when I think of sending a message from my phone to someone (excluding SMS) I think of iMessages, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Line2, etc. GChat is near the bottom of that list. Read More

I find myself … humbled

For the last few years, I have held the belief that learning to program is like riding a bike. Although I have not professionally developed in ~3 years, I still “understand” software (go ahead and ask me what SDK or API stands for). I know all the basic constructs, I know what an array is, recursion, inheritance, and all of those good words you learn in school and don’t really use in the real world.

As a result, I have always been sure when the time came for me to make something real (and I don’t mean the random PHP & CSS hacking I’ve done keeping my various blogs alive), I would spend a week learning a new syntax … and then boom … the next Google.

Yet, as I sit here listening to this online instructor drone on and the blindingly white screen of the IDE I have open stares at me … I just don’t want to.

Yes … I didn’t realize that the reason I chose to change my career and stop developing software is because … I don’t want to code.

But, then I question if that is a cop out and the fact is that I just am not that great of a developer. Is it true that even though I did it for years, I just don’t have what it takes to dedicate my life to coding?

Sure, there are moments when something I do comes to life and I am partially filled with the excitement I had in high school as I got “Hello, World” to print across my screen for the first time. But for the most part, as I suffer through these new languages with foreign constructs and an alien way of managing type safety … I groan.

Alas, I’m committed to staying minimally proficient and not squandering my ability to birth digital life … so I will persevere. But … at least I have a public sounding board to document my moment of pain.