In order to ensure that I am posting more often, I am going to start doing these “quick thoughts”.  Not a fully fleshed out post, but something that is just on my mind and needs to get off.


Almost all of the tablets out (besides the camera-less iPad) come with two cameras.  They have a self facing one for video conferencing, and they have a forward facing one so you can capture the world.

But who needs the latter?

My laptop has a self-facing camera so I can video chat with people.  There isn’t one on the hood so I can take pictures of the world.  It would be kind of pointless and add to the costs of the laptop.  Leaving the camera out make sense to me.

Yet, we see so many tablets with two cameras.  Now, I could be wrong and people may love to take pictures of things using their tablet, but given most tablet users are expected to have a cell phone on them, and the uses of a tablet is drastically different then a cell phone, does this really make sense?

There are some use cases, in particular augmented reality (putting computer images over real life video) that may be cool, but I don’t think that one has caught on just yet.

What are your thoughts?  Is this a good feature, or a useless tool that increases the price?