I bought an iPad!

For those of you who know how much of a deep down Android fanboy that I am, this might be a bit shocking.  There is a slew of reasons that forced (yes … I had no choice) to buy one, but the biggest is the Android offerings just aren’t there yet.  But this thought isn’t about my purchase.

Why does Apple refuse to implement a real file system in their iOS products?

This has to be the single biggest beef I have with the iPad and the source of endless frustration for me.  I have a dropbox account, but it’s almost useless.  For me to go into dropbox and open a file in another application, a copy is made and the file name is changed.  In addition, any changes made are lost to the ether.

For Example: I wanted to add some non iOS compliant videos.  Downloaded an app (a video player).  Added the videos to the apps file storage.  Problem is … they are completely hidden and undetectable to anything else on the iPad.  So, when I downloaded another video player, I had to add them to that app and keep two copies on my iPad.  Silly …

Are you an iOS device owner?  Have you been annoyed by this same thing?  Is it a virtual non-issue to you and most people?