I am happy to say I have spent the last 9 weeks experiencing San Francisco and the tech scene here.  I’m learning Product Management at Zynga as an intern and loving every minute of it.

But SF as a city … It’s OK.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a sense of energy about hi-tech and entrepreneurship that I have never seen before.  Sure Boston isn’t bad, but it’s not the same and it’s not focused on web, mobile, and software.  There are meetups and gatherings that allow people to easily congregate around hi-tech topics of interest.  Pitch contests allow everyone to experience the entrepreneurial spirit.  Kleiner Perkins VCs come and talk to interns.  High-profile startups buy you drinks as part of the recruiting process.  A trip to the coffee bar shows 4 guys furiously working on their start-up.

You have to love it.

Yet something is offsetting about the Bay area.  It’s spread out, expensive, and a mix of such different and fundamentally different cultures that things don’t seem to truly mesh.  And no matter what area of the city I travel to … weirdness is there to greet me.  And weird is cool to an extent … but then it’s just not.

Regardless, there are two things I have failed to do while here.

1) Blog
2) Network outside of my internship

Well … I’m determined to change.  I will blog and network.  I have 3 weeks to finish make the best of my time left here and I will do it.

More to come …