Several times in my new career I’ve been asked a simple question which elicits a detailed 2-part response from me:

Why Mobile?

Interview, coffee, catching up with a friend, or random conference conversation. Every once in awhile someone asks me why I have an unhealthy obsession with making mobile products.

Since it’s been wwwwaaaaayyyyy too long since I’ve blogged for myself, I figured I would document my reasoning and allow the world to agree or poke holes in my logic.

Business Answer: There is Growth And There is Uncertainty

When I look at the mobile market there are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of volatility. Back in 2011, I got into a debate about the future of the Windows Phone in the smartphone ecosystem. My friend vehemently argued it would never be relevant or pose a real threat (so far … he’s been right). But I quickly brought up that Android managed to dominate the market in 3 years. And before them, it was Apple. Before that, Palm. Around the same time, Windows. Basically, when it comes to mobile … it’s all written in pencil.

And here in America, it’s easy for us to ignore the billions of people that don’t live here. Their preferences, buying power, and desires can vary significantly from ours. A hit in China or India … is a REAL HIT! While the world’s economy matures and changes, expect some interesting things to happen.

Growth + Uncertainty = Opportunity.

Change The World Reason: Mobile is Changing the Face of Human Existence

There have been many notable inventions that have truly changed the course of human history. Rather than sit and list them, just agree that mobile is one of them.

I actually sat and thought of all of the things I now take for granted, but are not possible without my phone.  It’s Crazy.

Do you remember MapQuest? Remember making the wrong turn and being scared you would never get there? Remember printed papers sliding around your car? Then, remember when in-car GPS units came out and thinking … this is great?!

Do you remember owning an iPod? Wasn’t it amazing how much music you could carry with you and the fact that your Discman was useless? You could actually listen to multiple albums all from the same device.

Remember the color Game Boy? Not sure how many people are gamers, but for me it was amazing. Color gaming was something I could only do in front of a TV, not it was with me everywhere!

Remember those arguments with your friends over random facts? How many points did Jordan score last night? What was the name of the actress in this TV show? What time is the movie starting tonight?

Mobile has killed industries and created several, and fundamentally changed how we feel about technology. It’s the first major electronic invention that we take everywhere and use for everything. I think there is something special about that and I want to be part of it.


Mobile is great. That’s all …