I want a new laptop!

I made the switch to Mac laptops back in 2009. It was hard at first, but as my reliance on actual applications diminished to next to nothing and my appreciation of good hardware increased, I became a true convert and love everything from the trackpad to the keyboard.

The specs on my first Macbook Pro 13” have been holding up well over the years, but alas … it’s time. I rarely play computer games, but found myself hooked on Starcraft 2 (like 2 years after it came out) and got irritated with the sluggishness of my computer costing me online matches (I also suck really bad).

Back in June the MacBook Air got Intel’s new generation processor. This gave better performance, battery life, and graphics.

A few weeks ago the iMac (does anyone besides artists buy these?) got the updated internals too.

Yet … one of the shining stars of their laptop lineup, the Macbook Pro (Retina), languishes!

As I sit here calmly waiting and googling “Macbook Pro Haswell” every week hoping for information … I am getting tired. I feel like each new event is a letdown and I’m about to start shopping among all the great PC offerings at better prices and with much better hardware … almost.

Apple … help me out … please …