I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years.

And I don’t just mean a blog where a person can just talk about whatever randomness pops into their head and convinces themselves that the world actually has a desire to listen to their commentary.

This blog just barely skirts out of this definition because I really do try hard to make sure there is some sort of consistent theme of tech and/or business here … FYI

No, I’ve actually created real blogs in my time (well, only 1 that is actually popular and has a team behind it). I’ve read books on it, learned about the business of blogging, learned the technology, and been (minimally) a public advocate of the whole blogging ecosystem.  Hell, even won some awards. I’ve got the basics down and would say I “get” blogging.

Except … themes

Oh how I hate finding a blog theme

For the uninformed, that is the color, fonts, and general layout of the blog. I’m not taking about the theme of the content or anything

WordPress is my tool of choice. And for WordPress, I have access to premium themes, I know the system, I can make changes myself.

But, it never looks good enough …

Now that I’m on Tumblr … FML!

Every 2 weeks I go on some random caffeine or liquor fueled search for the perfect theme. I want something that looks good and is functional. I go in and make changes where I see a need and start tweaking things until I’m happy. I toil and move, pixel by pixel, until what I have in my head starts to come out on the screen. At some point, I realize that it’s way too late and I decide that I am happy with what I have come up with.

Until a week later when I go back to write some more posts …

Suddenly, the font’s are all wrong, I kick myself for doing a left column instead of a right column, and then I get embarrassed that I have attached myself to something that looks this bad.

Then … rinse and repeat

Someday I’ll get some professional training in design. Someday I will have the ability to actually design a webpage for more than just usability (as a PM I know usability!). Until then, expect the theme to keep changing … a lot