Now that 2013 has passed and the new year is rushing in, you will see a lot of tech articles about it. Either it’s the best, worst, or most XXXX of 2013 or it’s predictions, guesses, and hunches for 2014.

Well, here’s one more …

For the new year, there are a few things I hope happen. Things that would make my life better, would be cool to see, or might improve the entire human existence …

Wearable Tech Goes Mainstream

I still wear a watch, an old analog watch that ticks.  I find the convenience (and style implications) make it worthwhile.

I have been eyeing a more technologically advanced watch for years, but haven’t fallen in love with any. The form factors are bad, the battery life is disappointing, and the options are  limited. I’m hoping as more tech giants come into the space, we will see new and better offerings.

And looking beyond watches (such as the Smarty Ring pictured above), I would love to see more interesting wearable tech that makes small things more convenient, but without looking terrible.

Android Delivers an Answer to iMessage

I’ve just switched back to Android after a 1 year affair with the iPhone 5 (I’ll detail the “why” another day). I’m overly happy with the switch and feel that Android grew a lot in my year away, but one thing I miss everytime I pick up my phone is iMessage.

From the simplified group messaging, the seamless integration with my phone book, and the “xxx is typing” functionality, I loved iMessages. Reminded my of my love of BBM.

Sadly, Android and Google just don’t have as good of a solution. I know WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and even the new Hangouts, but none are good enough.

Here is hoping Google makes this a priority as “Messaging” is the thing now.

Phablets Take Over

I am now the proud owner of a Galaxy Note 3, the originator of the Phablet craze. Personally, I just don’t talk on the phone that much and most of the day is spent looking at my phone screen. As a logical person, makes sense to optimize for my primary use case (looking at the screen).

Another great benefit that isn’t talked about is the battery. The battery on the Note 3 is ~50% bigger than on the S4. I get excited and not having to charge my phone while at work if I’m going out at night. It’s liberating.

So, selfishly, I hope the rest of the world agrees with me and Phablet sales go through the roof.

As I am a simple man, I have a short and simple list. What are your tech hopes for 2014?