I don’t write about myself enough. I mean, the site is literally my name.

It’s a combination of wanting to deliver value to everyone who blesses me by visiting, and because I don’t like to talk about myself. But I’m hoping to become more vulnerable, to be more authentic and to be more transparent.

No better person to make me change than my newborn son.

There are few life changing events I’ve experienced that even come close to seeing my son for the first time. Getting married was great, but we had been together so long it just felt natural. Graduating high school, the University of Maryland, and later MIT were all great moments, but not even close. Maybe my own birth, but, oddly, I don’t remember a lot about it.

I talk about traveling, working in tech, and personal finances here. Our newest addition will be impacting all 3.

I’m excited to take him along on trips and getting his first passport stamp before he turns 1 (2 if my wife wins). If I’m eventually successful in moving out of the country, he’ll get exposure to experiences I didn’t have until my late 20’s (OK … I did go to Canada to visit my aunt as a kid, but Canada doesn’t count). But, while the thought of a 12 hour flight with a toddler kicking seats and screaming is terrifying … I’ll figure it out.

I am not a good example of work-life balance (as I blog and double down on real estate instead of napping between feedings), but it is something I’ll figure out and adjust. I remember waiting up late as a kid for my Father to come home from work. There was a lot of financial benefit for our entire family from the sacrifice, but I’m trying to one up him. I’m excited to see what this looks like.

And lastly, the finances.

Now, in addition to my goals of retiring early on a beach, I need to prepare for 4 years of MIT in 2035, which I assume will be $1M. And given how insane child care is, my whole idea of a budget had to change. Budgeting has never been an issue, but now I’ll have to say “no” to him instead of just me and the Mrs.

With all that being said, I love him so much. I’m excited to get to know him one day at a time and I have a new sense of purpose I never had before. But, just like with this site, I’m excited to grow personally. I’m excited to grow and learn in a completely new way and spend all day worrying about someone who needs it.